Doré Martial Arts Academy

Kru Dave Ansah

Kru Dave Ansah had a chance introduction to the late-Ajarn Phongsakorn (Ajarn Phong) in Montreal. Kru Dave instantly becomes his student alongside a handful of students. a day after they met; in the days and province where Jean-Yves Thériault (Canadian kickboxer) was revered and Muay Thai was virtually unknown. Kru Dave remained his loyal student until he was uprooted to Toronto for three years. Kru Dave returned to University in Montreal and immediately returned to Master Phong Muay Thai studio and took any fights he could in the US.

Kru Dave becomes a rouge after Ajarn Phongs passing, refused to become Kickboxing or Martial Art enthusiast, that was until I was introduced to Taekwondo while serving in the Military. I enjoyed the competitiveness, speed and arial movements; and managed to achieve a 5th Dan Blackbelt in Tae Kwondo including Silver Medal at Canadian Nationals Tae Kwon Do Championship.

Kru Dave continued training in various Muay Thai gyms, wherever and whenever including some in USA. Kru Dave also trained occasional in some Kickboxing schools.

Kru Dave started teaching Kickboxing for the Military Community because Muay Thai was classified as being too dangerous at the time. Kru Dave was appointed President of World Kickboxing Union (WKU) Canada (2011-2015) by the World Kickboxing Union sanctioning board, and that empowered him to blend Muay Thai with kickboxing, thus enabling students to compete in both modified Muay Thai and North American Kickboxing Galas.


Kru Dave has returned to traditional Muay Thai under the linage of the 15 Masters of RINGSIT Thailand and through mentorship/tutelage of Ajarn Kirby working to achieve an Ajarn.