Doré Martial Arts Academy

Sensei Scott Ogonoski

2nd degree black belt (Nidan)

Sensei Scott Ogonoski 2nd degree blackbeltI started training in boxing and American Kickboxing in 1992 under Canadian and Commonwealth kickboxing champion Daryl Duke, then owner of the Panther Karate Club in downtown Edmonton.  Later that year I joined the club’s Kempo Karate program headed by Sensei Gary Dawson.  I trained exclusively in boxing, American Kickboxing, and Kempo for four years and received a black belt in June 1996.
During the summer of 1996 I traveled to Las Vegas to study Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under John Lewis at J-Sect Jiu-jitsu. The experience was a good initiation into the world of ground fighting and it spurred an interest in the grappling arts that has lasted until this day.

Over the next six years I trained in boxing, kickboxing, Kempo and jiu-jitsu, and was one of the principle kickboxing and Kempo instructors at the Panther Gym. In December 2003, I was awarded a second degree black belt in Kempo Karate.
For the next few years I worked hard to improve my boxing skills and trained regularly with Professional Boxer and Coach, Benny “The Jet” Swanson.  Benny tightened up my boxing skills and gave me first hand knowledge of how effective body punches can be (translation: KO by liver shot).   I used these skills to easily win my next few kickboxing bouts.
In 2006 I took a short break from training to start a personal training business in Edmonton where I provided private and semi-private martial arts instruction to people from all walks of life.  As a co-business owner I became a certified Personal Trainer and Sport Conditioning Specialist.

Although I sold the business in 2008, I now use this professional experience to enhance the fitness elements of my martial arts classes.
Having been involved with martial arts now for over 18 years I have met and trained with many colorful personalities and martial arts legends.  In the early years I attended seminars from the likes of Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Peter Cunningham, Michael Despasquale Sr. and Jr., and Dr. Jerry Beasely.

More recently I have had the privilege of attending seminars from Bas Rutten and Royler Gracie.  A firm believer that flexibility of technique is essential for success as a martial artist, I constantly seek opportunities to learn.  In addition to my Black Belt in Kempo, I also hold a Green Belt in Japanese jiu-jitsu.
Aside from teaching the Kempo / Kickboxing program at the St. Albert Jiu-jitsu Dojo on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:00, I also teach the Little Ninjas Class (kids 4-7) on Saturday mornings.

As time permits you can find me taking Jiu-jitsu classes with Sensei Stephane Dore here in St. Albert, BJJ classes with Sensei Rodrigo Resende in Edmonton, as well Judo with the gang down at the St. Albert Judo Club.


– Started training: 1992

– Black Belt: 1996- Panther Gym, Edmonton (Duke, Dawson)

– Karate and kickboxing instructor at the Panther Gym from 1996 to 2006

– 2nd Degree Black Belt: 2003 (Dawson)

– Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu: 2014 (Dore, Lum)

– Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sport Conditioning Specialist: 2006-2009