Doré Martial Arts Academy

Tanya Kendall - Junior Muay Thai class Assistant instructor

tanya kendall - muay thai kids instructor

Tanya started practicing Kickboxing under the instruction of Kru David Ansah in 2002 at the Edmonton Garrison and transitioned to Muay Thai in 2015.  Tanya participated in the amateur kickboxing fight circuit in 2004 for a year but retired due to career commitments.  She started her martial arts career in ITF Tae Kwan Do in the 90s in Airdrie and Ottawa but retired to concentrate on the beginning of her career in Emergency Medical Services when she moved back to Edmonton in 1997.  

Tanya instructs with a philosophy of incorporating fun to the structured Muay Thai practice while imparting increased physical literacy and confidence to children.  Tanya has a young daughter, Emma, who also practices Muay Thai, and works as a Clinical Manager with the primary care network and continues to practice as an Advanced Care Paramedic in the Edmonton zone.

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