Little Ninjas program (4-5 Years old)

Little ninjas class

We are re-starting our little ninjas program on October 12th. It will be a 12 weeks program. It is a registered program. We need a minimum of 6 kids to run it. Register before October 10th to take advantage of our early bird registration and you will save $20, so $179 + gst instead of $199 + gst. You must use the early-bird code for discount. The program comes with a free uniform. Here are what to expect from this fun program to get your young child in martial arts classes.

In the event, our minimum children requirements is not met, we may try out your child in our 5 – 7 years old class if we have space. All our kids classes have a maximum of 12 kids, so it’s easier to manage and they can get better quality instruction.

We only give stripes on the white belt for progress and reward in the Little Ninjas class. They will receive their 1st stripe at the end of the session. Just so the children can participate in a non-competitive, no pressure environment designed specifically to allow the children to have a constructive outlet for their physical energy.

Specific things your child will learn:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Focus (yes, it does exist!)
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Getting comfortable rolling around on the floor
  • Getting comfortable falling
  • Getting comfortable wrestling with other children
  • Basic ground positioning and hold downs (guard, side mount, mount)
  • Basic introduction to stand up stances, punches and kicks
Sensei Stéphane

Sensei Stéphane

About Doré Martial Arts Academy

The Academy has been operating since 2009 in St. Albert. We prefer quality instruction over quantity of students, so you will find our classes are smaller in size to provide better instruction.

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