New stripe system for the adult Jiu-jitsu class

Jiu-jitsu belt stripes for the adult class

The adult jiu-jitsu never had stripes before, but we think it’s time for a change that might make our grading system easier, as we currently teach all the belt colours in the same class. So Sensei Calvert Lum brainstormed and came up with a system that we think may work. It will help us keep track of the progress of all our students, and know what they need to learn to be ready for their next ranking. Different stripes will be given for proficiency in the techniques associated to those stripes. Brown stripe is somewhat subjective on the fitness and flexibility level of that person, but as long as we see progress in the right direction, it will be earned. And lastly, the black stripe  will be given for attendance. Once all stripes are achieved, you will be given a tentative date for grading

Sensei Stéphane

Sensei Stéphane

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